Our goal is to ensure that all the diverse people who call Oakland home are treated fairly and with dignity.


Our Mission

The Community Lawyering & Civil Rights Unit works to secure social, economic and environmental justice for all Oakland residents through high-impact litigation and policy initiatives. Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker launched the CLCR in the spring of 2016 to expand the City’s capacity to pursue justice across Oakland, particularly for communities facing threats to health, safety and well-being in the absence of government action.

The CLCR pursues cases and strategic partnerships on a diverse range of policy issues, including: 

  • Wage theft
  • Affordable housing
  • Consumer protection
  • Environmental justice
  • Constitutional rights


  • Pursue high-impact litigation that sends a larger message to the community and discourages bad actors.
  • Serve as a blueprint for local government intervention, marshaling limited resources for maximum impact.
  • Model and grow successful partnerships, collaborating with community organizations, local attorneys, non-profits and other governmental entities.

For about six months, my daughter and I slept in the closet to try to avoid being bitten by bedbugs. When they started biting us even in the closet, we started sleeping on the kitchen floor. We slept on the kitchen floor for about a year to try to avoid the bedbugs. However, the bedbugs got so bad that my daughter was getting sick because of them. She couldn’t sleep well. She couldn’t concentrate at school, because sometimes she would find a bedbug on herself and it would make her feel embarrassed. I finally decided to move out of the apartment because my daughter and I could not stand the bed bugs anymore.
— Tenant in 1620 Fruitvale Avenue